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You provide the vision.
We provide the elbow grease.


Lо̄KKē LABS is located in Vacaville, California, smack dab in between the Bay Area and Sacramento. From our strategic position we are able to service a wide variety of industries, while delivering high value to our clients. Founded in 2017 we are a young company with a passion for bringing ideas to life, and in pursuit of that passion, we tailor every customer experience to match the company, product, and vision. Whether you're just formulating your idea, or conducting sustaining engineering on a long established product, Lо̄KKē LABS can add value to any stage of your product life cycle with our wide range of engineering and technical services .


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There are no bad Ideas, just bad marketing.

We believe every idea has merit. We’re dedicated to bringing your idea to life

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Brad Roan is a Mechanical Engineer with a professional license in machine design. As the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Lead Engineer, he brings a wealth of experience from a variety of industries. Brad has worked on everything from airplanes, to exoskeletons, to industrial equipment. However, his greatest strength isn't what he knows, it's how quickly he can learn; Brad uses his intuitive aptitude and solid technical background to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems. He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from University of the Pacific, and M.S. in mechanical engineering from CSU Sacramento. He runs the Vacaville office, and his personal website can be found at bradroan.com


David Mayman is a multidisciplinary experience designer driven by his passion for pushing possibilities and his curiosity of the unknown. He is driven to bridge the gap between technology and meaning through rich user-focused experiences. A board game enthusiast, garage tinkerer, and talented musician, he has knack for understanding how things work and making them work well together. David is the Chief Creative Officer, and contributing technologist at Lо̄KKē LABS, and he brings an unparalleled ability to see beyond what things are, into what they could be. He currently works out of London, England. Learn more at davidmayman.com


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